Are you concern about your health?
With rat race and hectic lifestyle that most people are living now...
Majority of people overlook their state of health.
Imbalance diet will trigger lifestyle illlnesses (High Blood Pressure, Diabetics, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Gastric etc..) in the long run!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You are what you Eat - So Eat Healthy

You are what you eat - so eat healthily.

There is food pyramid and probably 10,000 different diets that are designed to make you healthy. Is it possible the best alternative is to just look at the foods we eat? The homeopathic belief is based on "The Doctrine of Signatures" a belief that all plants were given a look or signature that determines what they are far in relation to the human body. If it looks like a heart it is good for the heart. True or not True would we not all benefit by including each of these foods in our daily diet?

Healthy Diet Pyramid

Fats, Oil, Salt and Sugar
Use in small amounts

Meat & alternatives
2-3 servings

Fruit & Vegetables
2 servings each

Rice & alternatives
5-7 servings

By using the Healthy Diet Pyramid as a guide, really can achieve good nutrition and healthy weight?
>>> However many people follow these pattern but still couldn't achieve!!!.. Why?

Eat 2 Servings of Fruits & 2 Servings of Vegetables Today

Have you eaten
2 servings of fruits &
2 servings of vegetables today?

Fruit and vegetables provide a wide range of phytochemiclas (plant chemicals), vitamins and minerals, and fibre which your body needs to maintain good health. Eat 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables everyday to stay in the pink of health!

Looking at our current lifestyle, how many of us can really achieve it?
=> Some of us, don't like to eat fruits!
=> Some of us, don't like to eat vegetables!

If you are a mum or a housewife now, ask yourself...
=> Anyone in your family are choosy on their food?
=> Do you really prepare 7 colors of vegetables everyday?

World Epidemic 世界瘟疫

Do you like to eat these Yummy Food?

Ans: Of course. I bet you too!

How much Nutrition you are taking in from all these food?

Ans: Seriously, who cares?

Do you know why people die young?

Ans: hmmm......

Obesity and its complications are a Worldwide epidemic

300million adults worldwide are obese and 1 billion are overweight.

> Almost 50% of adult S'poreans have their meals at hawker centres 6 times or more a week.
> 25.6% of adult S'poreans are overweight
> Obesity among adult S'poreans increased to 6.9% in 2004 compared to 6% in 1998.
> About 20% of adult S'porean had high blood pressure
> More than 25% of S'poreans age between 60-69 were diabetics
> About 19% of adult S'poreans had high blood cholesterol


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